Hot Young Pussy seduces Mr. Johnson from his wife

Happy Father’s Day guys, hope your day was great! Finish up your nite with some private time away from the family and listen to my new “Baby-sitter seduction on Father’s day” MP3 or recorded listing!

The theme to this MP3:

It’s Father’s Day and you’re so bored, stuck in the house with your grubby brats, your crappy gifts and your sloppy crusty wife. Your special day SUCKS!!

Until your family babysitter, Morgan, the hot young blonde from down the street, pays you a surprise visit to give you a special gift and to give you a “babysitter break” away from your annoying family.

Listen as I seduce you away from your wife and family celebration, making you sneak downstairs to the basement so that you can fuck me until your balls are drained.

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