Bitchy Cheerleader Blackmails you, pimps you out & pops your cherry!

Hey guys, here is the final installation to my CheerBitch Blackmail MP3 series. Now that I’ve blackmailed you into being my cum slurping cuckboy and cock sucking bitchboy, it’s time to take it to the next level.

I love making you use your mouth to service hard horny cocks and I will now make you use your hot little ass pussy to do the same! Time to have your cherry popped and pimp you out!

If you haven’t listened to the previous two chapters, here they are

Fetish Phone Sex with Sweet Princess Morgan

Best I’ve felt ALL Year, time for some Fetish Fun!

Hey guys, I haven’t posted since last year so happy 2014!  I hope your year is starting off better than mine…I have been sick for the last two weeks. ­čÖü I only took a handful of calls since I got back from winter break at the beginning of January because I was sounding so stuffy and congested.  Fortunately for me and my bank account I sold bunches of my pics and videos and did some wallet fuck pay mails with one of my favorite pay piggies.  Earning over $3600 on a single night’s pay mail session is even more fun when I am in bed in my fuzzy pink slippers and robe!

Since I was first away on break and then sick with some kind of cold/flu hybrid, my little cash captive RC has been feeling a little too ‘free’ for my liking.  he has been looking for signs that I still have a tight hold on his leash.  I’m thinkin what signs do you need when I have so much info on you?  Like my access to your email account, that I can use to fuck up your reputation with both personal and professional contacts.  Or my knowledge of your US mailing address, that I can use to send twink gay porn and cross-dressing mags, which will humiliate you when your longtime friends or family check your mailbox.  How bout my control over your credit card, that I have been and will continue to use at my whim, and not even care if I go over the limit.

So RC you need to call me this week, adding at least $300 to your account.  We won’t use the full amount on the call so you’ll send me the rest a tribute.  You also need to pay this $200 leash tightening pay mail below, just because I want you to.  Message me on yahoo for more instructions.

I’m going to do a little shopping with your PP account now, but I’ll save the $500 amazon gift card you bought me last month for our online shopping chat session.

To the rest of my boys, give me a call on Niteflirt or MPS and show me how hard your little pinky pricks are for me.  I’m in the mood to do some damage with my BBC strap on tonight, so call and beg to take every inch!

Fetish Phone Sex with Sweet Princess Morgan

Two boys who need to check in…

Hey guys, I’ve been having a great week on Niteflirt with calls and PTV sales, including my most fav way to rake in the dough, which is raise the rate PTVs.  Even though its been busy, I have still noticed the absence and inaction of two particular boys in particular.

My racial humiliation slave “skillet” has been poking around in my newest PTVs but he hasn’t bought anything or called in a few weeks.  I’ve told the little monkey boy that if he wants to keep me happy, he needs to make sure he contributes to my happiness financially.  he knows that if I’m not available to take calls while he’s at work, he needs to send tributes, pay for manicures or salon visits to make up for it.  So skillet, you need to step it up and your black ass needs to show me the green!

The other guy, my international traveler RC, has been MIA since he got back to the good ole US of A this week.  I really hadn’t planned on mailing him anything humiliating & embarrassing while he was in town, nor sharing his photos & cell phone number on the net…but it would be simple enough to do. ­čśł   I’m going to reach out to RC with a few PTVs, tribute demands and instructions to call me.  Then we’ll just see how the chips may fall.

I’ll be taking calls tonight until 2 or 3 am, and I may be up even later doing some pay mail sessions with one of my favorite cuckies if he’s lucky. LOL

Niteflirt Phone Sex with Sweet Princess Morgan