danni’s pics and his crush on danika!

I posted danni’s baby boner pics in THE LOSER LOUNGE, which is back up and running, by the way.  So danni has this HUGE gayboy crush on my long lost sissy slut danika.   danni stares at danika’s boner pic and uses it as jerk off material.    danni usually likes pleasuring straight acting men but really wants to french kiss and tongue fuck sissy girl danika all over!   It’s enough to make you gag.

Anyway, danni called me today for about an hour and explained to me why he wasn’t making any money sucking cock.  he has been sucking these guys off for free for so long, they won’t take him seriously when he says he needs money.   But after we discussed everything, I felt so sorry for my in the closet cockslut loser that I decided to post his pics anyway.    They are hiliarious after all, everyone will get a kick out them, especially danika.    😉

By they way guys, danni swears up and down he’s not gay, he claims he’s a ‘straight man with a penis fetish‘ since he loves the cock so much.    I told him I’d post his pics and let them speak for themselves.    So let me know what you think about little miss danni when you see him all dolled up, eating his own cum.   😈    That’s something every straight man does, huh?    LOL :roll:

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