Late Night Custom PTV Sessions

Yay, this is my first blog post of 2013!  My year is going awesome now but it started out a little rough because I caught the dreaded flu!  I am usually great at avoiding it but this time it got me.  I did have a great winter vacation before I got sick though and I spent some time with my family for the holidays and some time in the snow with friends in for about a week and a half.  I’m feeling much better now and as you can see I’m now available for calls again since my voice is back.

I’ve actually done quite a few long calls since getting my voice back and tonight I’m up late doing some custom PTV sessions with a favorite cucky customer.  We have special little set up with photos and audio that we’ve been doing for some time, a little different from my regular PTV sessions where it’s just pics or video teasers.

Now that I’m taking calls and recording MP3s again I will be offering custom MP3 requests for longer MP3s as well as shorter ones for PTV sessions.  So if you see me online for calls but aren’t able to talk we can set up a PTV session where I tease you online for a long as you can handle it.  If you’re at work we can arrange a time to meet online during the day before I log in for calls.  

Stay warm guys and look out for a new winter special on one or two of my lines very soon.

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