Bitchy Cheerleader Blackmails you, pimps you out & pops your cherry!

Hey guys, here is the final installation to my CheerBitch Blackmail MP3 series. Now that I’ve blackmailed you into being my cum slurping cuckboy and cock sucking bitchboy, it’s time to take it to the next level.

I love making you use your mouth to service hard horny cocks and I will now make you use your hot little ass pussy to do the same! Time to have your cherry popped and pimp you out!

If you haven’t listened to the previous two chapters, here they are

Fetish Phone Sex with Sweet Princess Morgan

Good morning sunshines

Morning guys, Christmas is right around the corner and I’m so excited!  I love this time of year and even with all the snow and ice.  I have been doing a lot of shopping all month, courtesy of a few generous customers who love to spoil me.  One guy in particular, RC, not only loves to spoil me, he has no choice but to spoil me.  While he is thousands of miles away and cut off from the free world, I have his social life in the palm of my hands.  I already have access to all of his personal information, not just the info but photocopied pics of his passport, drivers license.  I also have access to email accounts, his credit card, his amazon account and a few other accounts.  I think it’s really sweet though that he enjoys spoiling me and giving me cash without me having to threaten or use any of his info against him.

I will be taking calls all this week before I leave again for winter break.  I have a new blackmailing cheerbitch PTV coming out this week and a fun new ptv game you can stroke to while I’m away for the holidays.  Here’s a sexy teaser email I sent out this morning with some pics and a seductive audio message to get you ready to call and stroke for me.

Seductive mixture of 8 perfect blonde Princess prick teasing, ball aching pictures and a sweet sexy audio message

I also a variety of fetish phone sex audio recordings that you can listen to 24/7 and some humiliating, fetish MP3s and audio series you can purchase and masturbate to when I’m away.

Sweet Princess Morgan

Blackmail Cheerleader Cuckold & Cocksucker MP3s

K, I was supposed to get these out Superbowl Sunday since the pics and MP3s are Cheerleader themed but I ended up going to a Superbowl party and drank waaaayyy too much.  It took me most of Monday to sober up, LOL, and I was busy with several calls from one of my freaky fetish guys who loves to be charged high per minute rates.  So now two days later than planned but still totally hot and awesome, are the first 2 installments of the Bitchy Blackmailing Cheerleader ­čść

I’m the bitchy head cheerleader and the most popular girl on campus. 

you’re a wimpy little substitute teacher who likes to sneak into the girls locker room.

I know you’ve been watching what I do with the football players and I know exactly how to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget!


Niteflirt phone sex with Sweet Princess Morgan

Late Night Custom PTV Sessions

Yay, this is my first blog post of 2013!  My year is going awesome now but it started out a little rough because I caught the dreaded flu!  I am usually great at avoiding it but this time it got me.  I did have a great winter vacation before I got sick though and I spent some time with my family for the holidays and some time in the snow with friends in for about a week and a half.  I’m feeling much better now and as you can see I’m now available for calls again since my voice is back.

I’ve actually done quite a few long calls since getting my voice back and tonight I’m up late doing some custom PTV sessions with a favorite cucky customer.  We have special little set up with photos and audio that we’ve been doing for some time, a little different from my regular PTV sessions where it’s just pics or video teasers.

Now that I’m taking calls and recording MP3s again I will be offering custom MP3 requests for longer MP3s as well as shorter ones for PTV sessions.  So if you see me online for calls but aren’t able to talk we can set up a PTV session where I tease you online for a long as you can handle it.  If you’re at work we can arrange a time to meet online during the day before I log in for calls.  

Stay warm guys and look out for a new winter special on one or two of my lines very soon.

Niteflirt phone sex with Sweet Princess Morgan

Fucking the Trainer cuckold fantasy

Hey hey guys, hope your summer was sizzling & ended with a bang! I had a fucking awesome summer, I spent a lot of time in swim suits by the pool, on the beach or at the lake with friends and family enjoying the water and the sun. Here are a few pics of some of my summer watersports fun ­čść





Here are a few sexy mixed shots of your Blonde bikini goddess in some of the smoking hot swimsuits I rocked this summer.

I also acquired some new pets, both on NF and in my own home. At home I adopted a guinea pig and two sweet fluffy bunny rabbits, so cute! On Niteflirt I have a quite a few new cucky boys, one in particular who is newly married but forbidden to fuck his wife because his pee pee is so tiny. I am going to condition his lil pricky to only get hard to the sound of my voice and my command.

Cuckold boys are so fun to humiliate and deny, especially when there are so many beautiful big dicks out there to tease them with. I will be doing a few series of cuckold, BBC, faggy training & bitch audio recordings this fall. My latest MP3 theme is based on a role play I do with a long standing cucky boyfriend. Not only is it a phone sex roleplay I do on Niteflirt, I’ve also fucked two different gym trainers who are as hot as the one I describe in this PTV series.

My boyfriend’s baby dick is so unsatisfying that I’ve been spending a lot of time at the gym with my new trainer. Wonder if the shrimpy wimp suspects anything…or notices the cum dripping from my tight little gym shorts?? ­čśë