Bitchy Cheerleader Blackmails you, pimps you out & pops your cherry!

Hey guys, here is the final installation to my CheerBitch Blackmail MP3 series. Now that I’ve blackmailed you into being my cum slurping cuckboy and cock sucking bitchboy, it’s time to take it to the next level.

I love making you use your mouth to service hard horny cocks and I will now make you use your hot little ass pussy to do the same! Time to have your cherry popped and pimp you out!

If you haven’t listened to the previous two chapters, here they are

Fetish Phone Sex with Sweet Princess Morgan

Small cock clips to laugh at with humiliating commentary!

Baby dicked sissy bitch jerie sent more photos & videos for me to critique and post in my loser lounge. When I saw some of his clips, I was grossed out, amused and entertained all at once. I added a new free clip of him in his sparkly blue panties to the loser lounge. Some of the other clips he sent were too good to post for free so I made them into pay mails. 

These clips of faggy jerie are funny to watch as is. They’re even more fun to watch because I recorded some humiliating audio for an instant replay with Sweet Princess cock commentary! So you get to watch a cucky cocksucker degrade himself for me and you get listen to how grossed out and disgusted I am by his skinny little boner.

Watch jerie shave his sissy sack and listen to my humiliating commentary

Watch jerie tinker with his caged clitty cock and listen to my humiliating commentary

Watch this small sized condom FAIL and listen to my humiliating commentary

I’ve got two more clips and some pics I’ll comment on later this week. 

Every faggy loser that calls me and reads my phone sex diary should send me their gross, embarrassing, humiliating pictures and videos. I’ll post some for the rest of the losers to laugh at and I’ll sell some, because I deserve to be paid over and over again just for looking at your puny, pale, pasty prickies! THIS is really the only dick I like to see for free!

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary

Small cock humiliated & cross dressing sissy bitch shows off

Last night I had a great conversation with a baby dicked faggy boy who I have not spoken to in years. I could not believe how tiny his little pricky was when I first saw it way back then, it is insanely small! In fact, his baby dick was one of the first I put on display in my Loser Lounge. It is for sure one of the smallest I’ve ever seen. So tiny and short, it looks like a mushroom cap. Or an outie belly button.

Well rob aka bitchboy whiteboots spent a couple of hours catching up with me on Niteflirt and sent me a new picture of himself. Y’all know his lil pee pee didn’t get any bigger, but if you look closely at the picture (click the thumbnail) you should notice something different about him.

Notice the difference from this older pic? For one, he got some new white boots that he described as cheerleading boots  They do look sorta like the ones the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders wear. But that’s not the big difference. The big difference is that little boner bitch boy now gets all of his chest, leg and clitty hairs waxed! LOLOLOL! Guess what?  he gets his butt hole, I mean fag hole, waxed too.

I think it’s a good look for him. Everybody knows that baby dicked loser boys shouldn’t have masculine body hair. Why? Cause they’re not REAL MEN, they shouldn’t have ANY masculine traits. A loser with a tiny peepee (like rob’s) should be as smooth as the Sweet Princess pussy that he worships and chronically masturbates to.

I was grossed out all over again when I opened his new pic. I admit that I haven’t really looked much at the pinky peckers in my loser lounge. Once I display their deformities for everyone to laugh at I never look back. Who would really wanna look at a nipple dick over and over again except for other nipple dicked fags. So seeing it again was like seeing it for the first time. The ick factor was a 10 out of 10. 

Lucky for him, he knows his penis is a shrinky dink and he knows his place in life is as a cuckold, cum swallowing, no pussy getting, fagboy. 

The question is, do all of you other little dickless pansies know your place?

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary

Collecting new cucks & cocksuckers

It’s bitty boner boy, cocksucker & cuck collecting time! I’ve been getting lots of calls and inquiries from panty wearing pussyboys who want to show off their stubby cocks for me. One potential cockslut even wants me to post his first-time cocksucking pics along with his email address so other gayboy homos can contact him. Let’s see if he’s got the faggy pink balls to go through with it LOL

Are you perverted enough to suck cock for Princess Morgan? I know you’re not man enough to handle my amazing body, let alone satisfy my sweet pink puss. But maybe you can satisfy my desire to turn you into a cum guzzling, cock slurping panty waste.

Call me for your cock slut auditions – 1-800-863-5478 extension 0629253

Hot Princess Morgan

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary

Loser lounge pics added

Hey guys, I have been fucking over my horny, drunken little faggypants danni for the past few weeks and he sent me some new photos.  I posted them in the loser lounge & I think you all will get a great laugh out of them.  danni spends a lot of time in my loser lounge drooling over the icky lil baby boner pics in there, so if you want him to drool over your, send me an email on Niteflirt with your boner photos attached.

I also made some progress with my british boner boy sissy julianna, who called me this weekend.  julianna started off as a dress-up sissy, she didn’t wanna suck cock or take it in her boy pussy.  But after a few months of training, she’s now excited to taste her first pre-cum drenched hard cock in her mouth.  Of course, I’ve trained julianna to be way more selective than a ho bag like danni is.  danni will suck ANY cock, even all of the tiny sissy clits in the loser lounge.  julianna on the other hand, only wants 7 inches or bigger in her holes.  Good sissy girl!

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary