Best I’ve felt ALL Year, time for some Fetish Fun!

Hey guys, I haven’t posted since last year so happy 2014!  I hope your year is starting off better than mine…I have been sick for the last two weeks. 🙁 I only took a handful of calls since I got back from winter break at the beginning of January because I was sounding so stuffy and congested.  Fortunately for me and my bank account I sold bunches of my pics and videos and did some wallet fuck pay mails with one of my favorite pay piggies.  Earning over $3600 on a single night’s pay mail session is even more fun when I am in bed in my fuzzy pink slippers and robe!

Since I was first away on break and then sick with some kind of cold/flu hybrid, my little cash captive RC has been feeling a little too ‘free’ for my liking.  he has been looking for signs that I still have a tight hold on his leash.  I’m thinkin what signs do you need when I have so much info on you?  Like my access to your email account, that I can use to fuck up your reputation with both personal and professional contacts.  Or my knowledge of your US mailing address, that I can use to send twink gay porn and cross-dressing mags, which will humiliate you when your longtime friends or family check your mailbox.  How bout my control over your credit card, that I have been and will continue to use at my whim, and not even care if I go over the limit.

So RC you need to call me this week, adding at least $300 to your account.  We won’t use the full amount on the call so you’ll send me the rest a tribute.  You also need to pay this $200 leash tightening pay mail below, just because I want you to.  Message me on yahoo for more instructions.

I’m going to do a little shopping with your PP account now, but I’ll save the $500 amazon gift card you bought me last month for our online shopping chat session.

To the rest of my boys, give me a call on Niteflirt or MPS and show me how hard your little pinky pricks are for me.  I’m in the mood to do some damage with my BBC strap on tonight, so call and beg to take every inch!

Fetish Phone Sex with Sweet Princess Morgan

It’s the Most Wonderful Time for Gifts!

Hey guys, I hope you are all staying warm this winter.  If you get a little chilly late at night, call your Sweet Seductive Blonde Princess to keep you hot and hard all night long!  Well, it’s about that time again, my favorite time of the year.  I’ve been traveling to different areas in NC & SC checking out the beautiful trees and decorations everyone has up.


And I really want to thank all of my awesome customers who have sent me holiday tributes on Niteflirt and Amazon gift cards.  I LOVE checking my email and finding unexpected gifts with sweet little love notes from my callers.  Don’t stop spoiling your Sweet Princess because not only do I love it, but right after Christmas and New Years is of course Valentine’s Day and My Birthday!!!  So there’s four perfect occasions for you to lavish me with extra cash, which I welcome on a daily basis.  LOLZ

For all of my customers who are in my recent contacts list, I’ll be sending you something special in a few days for Christmas.  IF you haven’t called me or shopped any of my pay to views or sent tributes within the past six months, you better get on it now or you will miss out!

I will be taking calls this week but have out of town guests who are super vanilla so I can only talk when I have some privacy.  So look for me late nights, after midnight and before 5 am.

Niteflirt phone sex with Sweet Princess Morgan

Human piggy bank

Hey guys!  So I’m sure on Niteflirt as you’ve browsed through the phone sex listings you’ve come across financial domination type listings that refer to men as piggy banks.  That’s a very common term, along with human atm, pay pig, cash cow, money slave, even sugardaddy.

Well your Sweet Princess worked over a huge hog of a pay piggy towards the end of last month.  he was for sure a big spender, shelling out over $2500 in phone sex calls and pay to view emails in just 4 late night spending binges.  But even bigger than his spending was his fat, disgusting, obese, stinky, lardass!  he was literally a human pay pig, a human cash cow, a worthless pink sack of shit.  

I had hopes of bleeding his bloated piggy ass dry, but he closed his account soon after our fun.  I did get his cell phone number and some photos he sent from his cell to my email.  Take a look at these photos of the piggy and you’ll see I wasn’t exaggerating on how gross he is.  

a human pay pig's fat boy titties and belly

a human pay pig's fat boy titties and belly

a human pay pig's flabby gut and tiny cock

a human pay pig's fat gut and flabby ass

If any of you gayboys or chubby chasing fags like what you see, email me and I’ll send you the large versions of these pics and his cell #! 😈

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary

Sugar Daddy just got sweeter!

Ok so in my post the other day I mentioned my weekend shopping fun with Sugar daddy.   Well I haven’t written much about him lately because we’ve been having some issues.   He has been spending most of his time for the past few months in the Cayman Islands for business.   He does come back home every few weeks, but he’s been really busy so he still hasn’t had alot of time to spend with me.   I saw him for a few hours on Valentine’s day but he was right back on a plane that evening.   Aside from the Valentine’s day lunch and a big box of chocolates, he really dropped the ball on the Vday Birthday spoiling I’m used to getting from him.

So anyway, he went back before my birthday and I knew he’d be gone for another few weeks.    I was ok with that because I assumed he’d keep spoiling me with online gift certificates and stuff, since it’s so easy to do from his laptop.   But after about two weeks, I started to get miffed at his ass because he was still neglecting his Sweet Princess Morgan.   I’d get an email every few days, with a one or two sentence update on the progress of his work and his expected return date.   And nothing else!

I was disappointed, but I didn’t let it get me down too much because of all my guys who make sure to keep me spoiled.   I’ve even had a recent influx of GREAT financial domination boys who call my Money Lines and who seem to have a never ending wallet when it comes to tributes.   Money slaves are always fun, but that doesn’t mean I wanted to loose my sugar daddy.

Well after all the short email bullshit, he cames back home and I immediately gave him the cold (as ice) shoulder for his neglect.   A pissed off Princess Morgan is not something you boys wanna see, and sugar daddy is now well aware of that.   I was trying to be nice about his schedule but snubbing me on my birthday really pissed me off.    In order to make it up to me, he took me shopping for some new goodies for my apartment.

I got some really great big ticket items too, as an apology and a late Birthday gift.   Sugar daddy bought me a new laptop computer, which I desperately needed.    And he got me a big new Flat screen HDTV, with express delivery so I wouldn’t have to wait for it!   Now that was the gift that got him out of the doghouse!   Plus he bought me some other cool accents for my apartment, some new clothes, he even ordered me this bad ass riding saddle because he knows how much I love to ride 😉     😆     So all in all he did some serious making up for his time away.

And as some of my big spenders already know, I’m very generous to those who are generous to me.    So to show my appreciation to sugar daddy I took some naughty photos of me enjoying his gifts.   Some of them are for his eyes only, but I’m such a tease, I had to give you guys a little taste.    

Here’s a pic of me being a bad Princess on my laptop.   I’m bare assed and quite turned on looking at some online porn and some very thick cocks.

Sweet Princess Morgan looking at porn on her new laptop.

Here’s another of me messing around with my TV late one night.   I got so fed up, I finally just went to bed and told sugar daddy to pay for a set up service for me the next day.

Sweet Princess Morgan trying to watch some TV before bedtime.

Ok, guys, now you all are finally updated on sugar daddy.   You can see how the Sweet Princess deserves, and expects to be treated.  I’ve gotten a lot emails about him but wasn’t really sure if I still had him.   But as you can see…

Yep, I do!

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary

Wish your Sweet Princess a Happy Birthday!!

Hey guys, well, yesterday was My Birthday!  YAYYYY!!  I had a blast hanging with my friends and spending a little quality fuck time with Travis.  Josh wasn’t able to make it to see me because of the weather but he did send me 2 dozen roses, red and pink mix, a huge fluffy teddy bear holding 3 hearts that said ‘I luv you’ and this cute little gold necklace and charm.  I felt kind of bad too when he called me to make sure I got everything because Travis had just come over and I had his rock hard dick in my hand while I was talking to Josh!  Talk about a weird phone convo…LOL

So since I wasn’t around for my birthday, you can call me today and wish me a happy belated!

Sweet Princess Morgan's Phone Sex Diary