Back from short vacation & International calls on Niteflirt

Hey guys, I’ve been away for a few days on an unplanned but much needed vacation.  I took advantage of a beach condo a friend had on Tybee Island and we had so much fun just being beach bums in our bikinis without a care in the world.  I didn’t get to email or journal that I’d be gone so I had a bunch of emails wondering where I was.  That’s my bad, lol, I’ll definitely make sure to inform you all before I go to London.

I got a pleasant surprise tonight when I logged into Niteflirt for calls.  Niteflirt is now able to accept international calls again!  This is so freakin’ awesome!  During the change of ownership Niteflirt went through, they lost the ability to accept international calls, and it was a big impact on business and pleasure of both flirts and customers.  After a few long years, this feature is back and I’m so excited.  

Here is the link of the countries that Niteflirt is able to service now – International Calls – and if your country isn’t listed, you can still use Skype or dial through directly with the 800 number and extension.   This is great news and I can’t wait to start getting calls from new and returning international customers.

Speaking of international callers….it’s been a few weeks since I spoke to my international traveler RC and now that he’ll be returning back to the states this week, he definitely needs to get in touch with me on the phone, as well as opening the PTVs I’ll be sending him tonight 😉   I’ve got a shiny new pink barbie catalog that I may need to forward to his mailbox once he leaves town again just to raise a few eyebrows if he doesn’t comply. 😈

Niteflirt Phone Sex with Sweet Princess Morgan

Late Night Custom PTV Sessions

Yay, this is my first blog post of 2013!  My year is going awesome now but it started out a little rough because I caught the dreaded flu!  I am usually great at avoiding it but this time it got me.  I did have a great winter vacation before I got sick though and I spent some time with my family for the holidays and some time in the snow with friends in for about a week and a half.  I’m feeling much better now and as you can see I’m now available for calls again since my voice is back.

I’ve actually done quite a few long calls since getting my voice back and tonight I’m up late doing some custom PTV sessions with a favorite cucky customer.  We have special little set up with photos and audio that we’ve been doing for some time, a little different from my regular PTV sessions where it’s just pics or video teasers.

Now that I’m taking calls and recording MP3s again I will be offering custom MP3 requests for longer MP3s as well as shorter ones for PTV sessions.  So if you see me online for calls but aren’t able to talk we can set up a PTV session where I tease you online for a long as you can handle it.  If you’re at work we can arrange a time to meet online during the day before I log in for calls.  

Stay warm guys and look out for a new winter special on one or two of my lines very soon.

Niteflirt phone sex with Sweet Princess Morgan

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Hey guys, I signed up for twitter last night and you need to follow me!! I want all you chronic boner strokers, sissy boys, cock suckers and butt sniffers staying connected with The Kinky Blonde and the more followers I have, the more free pics I’ll post on my diary and twitter.

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Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary

Working on new site for the new year

Hey y’all, I’m working on a new website and a new blog design since I’ve been so LAZY with updates while I finished with school.  Look for a sweet new look in a few weeks.  I’m still always available for calls on Niteflirt and came up with a fun, unique way to update you about all my interesting calls over the past year.  That will be part of the bonus of my new site.  Stay warm with your Sweet Princess and I’ll ttys.

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary

Password problems?

Hey guys! OMG it’s a fucking hot ass summer! I got sunburned twice already and it totally sucks. Anyway, I got an email last week about a customer having issues accessing my password protected photo and video galleries.

K, so it’s all fixed now and all the passcodes are the same. Anytime there’s a problem with one of my pay mails or downloads, let me know asap so I can fix it.

I’m gonna run a few email specials on my some of my fetish & dungeon strip tease shots. They are so fucking hot and I love to play the naughty lil slut in need of discipline…but only from a REAL man! LOL But hey, even you pansy little boner boys can see what you’re missing right? You know you love my sweet T & A! hahaha

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary