Small cock humiliated & cross dressing sissy bitch shows off

Last night I had a great conversation with a baby dicked faggy boy who I have not spoken to in years. I could not believe how tiny his little pricky was when I first saw it way back then, it is insanely small! In fact, his baby dick was one of the first I put on display in my Loser Lounge. It is for sure one of the smallest I’ve ever seen. So tiny and short, it looks like a mushroom cap. Or an outie belly button.

Well rob aka bitchboy whiteboots spent a couple of hours catching up with me on Niteflirt and sent me a new picture of himself. Y’all know his lil pee pee didn’t get any bigger, but if you look closely at the picture (click the thumbnail) you should notice something different about him.

Notice the difference from this older pic? For one, he got some new white boots that he described as cheerleading boots  They do look sorta like the ones the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders wear. But that’s not the big difference. The big difference is that little boner bitch boy now gets all of his chest, leg and clitty hairs waxed! LOLOLOL! Guess what?  he gets his butt hole, I mean fag hole, waxed too.

I think it’s a good look for him. Everybody knows that baby dicked loser boys shouldn’t have masculine body hair. Why? Cause they’re not REAL MEN, they shouldn’t have ANY masculine traits. A loser with a tiny peepee (like rob’s) should be as smooth as the Sweet Princess pussy that he worships and chronically masturbates to.

I was grossed out all over again when I opened his new pic. I admit that I haven’t really looked much at the pinky peckers in my loser lounge. Once I display their deformities for everyone to laugh at I never look back. Who would really wanna look at a nipple dick over and over again except for other nipple dicked fags. So seeing it again was like seeing it for the first time. The ick factor was a 10 out of 10. 

Lucky for him, he knows his penis is a shrinky dink and he knows his place in life is as a cuckold, cum swallowing, no pussy getting, fagboy. 

The question is, do all of you other little dickless pansies know your place?

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary

Pantyboy pics

Here are the two pics pantyboy ray sent me. At first I was pissed at how small the pics were, but, he sent me a 4 minute panty boy video dancing to The Pussycat Dolls song Don’t ya (wish your girlfriend was hot like me) and even though this fat faggy has no rhythm, it’s still a hilarious video.

I’ll post that soon, need to edit it a bit.

The pics and video will also be posted in my loser lounge for easy access.

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary

Little Danny Faggypants

I’ve blogged about him before but during a few of our small cock humiliation, cock and ball torture, forced intoxication and financial domination phone sex sessions, danny begged me to write about him again.

danny swears on his pathetic life that he’s NOT a homosexual, not a faggy gayboy who loves sucking cock.  he says he’s a straight, proud white male who sucks cock because he’s got a penis fetish.  And his penis of choice is big black dick, although danny’s an indiscriminate cock whore and will suck ANYONE’S cock, no matter how big or small.

To prove beyond doubt what a flaming homosexual, cock sucking spunk whore he is, here are a few new photos of danny.  Even more can be found in the loser lounge.

fat faggy danny in stockings and playing with his peeny weeny, aka his boy clit

cum guzzling cock sucking fag whore danny, eating his own spunk

cum guzzling cock sucking fag whore danny, eating even more of his own spunk

And to PROVE he’ll suck any cock and rimjob any man’s ass, here are his own words about this fat sack of shit and what he’d love to do to his sloppy lard ass.

P.S. I so totally got a boner over the pics of your fat little money piggy!  He’s totally the kind of guy I love to suck off, and even have him sit his fat ass on my face and make me lick his butthole because I think it sort of shows how not gay I am: I mean, if I was gay I would never go for a guy like him! I CLEARLY just have a Penis Fetish/Addiction.
Love, Danny Peewee Faggypants


Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary

Human piggy bank

Hey guys!  So I’m sure on Niteflirt as you’ve browsed through the phone sex listings you’ve come across financial domination type listings that refer to men as piggy banks.  That’s a very common term, along with human atm, pay pig, cash cow, money slave, even sugardaddy.

Well your Sweet Princess worked over a huge hog of a pay piggy towards the end of last month.  he was for sure a big spender, shelling out over $2500 in phone sex calls and pay to view emails in just 4 late night spending binges.  But even bigger than his spending was his fat, disgusting, obese, stinky, lardass!  he was literally a human pay pig, a human cash cow, a worthless pink sack of shit.  

I had hopes of bleeding his bloated piggy ass dry, but he closed his account soon after our fun.  I did get his cell phone number and some photos he sent from his cell to my email.  Take a look at these photos of the piggy and you’ll see I wasn’t exaggerating on how gross he is.  

a human pay pig's fat boy titties and belly

a human pay pig's fat boy titties and belly

a human pay pig's flabby gut and tiny cock

a human pay pig's fat gut and flabby ass

If any of you gayboys or chubby chasing fags like what you see, email me and I’ll send you the large versions of these pics and his cell #! 😈

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary