Fucking the Trainer cuckold fantasy

Hey hey guys, hope your summer was sizzling & ended with a bang! I had a fucking awesome summer, I spent a lot of time in swim suits by the pool, on the beach or at the lake with friends and family enjoying the water and the sun. Here are a few pics of some of my summer watersports fun ๐Ÿ˜†





Here are a few sexy mixed shots of your Blonde bikini goddess in some of the smoking hot swimsuits I rocked this summer.

I also acquired some new pets, both on NF and in my own home. At home I adopted a guinea pig and two sweet fluffy bunny rabbits, so cute! On Niteflirt I have a quite a few new cucky boys, one in particular who is newly married but forbidden to fuck his wife because his pee pee is so tiny. I am going to condition his lil pricky to only get hard to the sound of my voice and my command.

Cuckold boys are so fun to humiliate and deny, especially when there are so many beautiful big dicks out there to tease them with. I will be doing a few series of cuckold, BBC, faggy training & bitch audio recordings this fall. My latest MP3 theme is based on a role play I do with a long standing cucky boyfriend. Not only is it a phone sex roleplay I do on Niteflirt, I’ve also fucked two different gym trainers who are as hot as the one I describe in this PTV series.

My boyfriend’s baby dick is so unsatisfying that I’ve been spending a lot of time at the gym with my new trainer. Wonder if the shrimpy wimp suspects anything…or notices the cum dripping from my tight little gym shorts?? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Sweet Princess Updates

Hey guys, have you missed me?? It’s been ages since I’ve updated my phone sex diary but now that I’ve prettied up my Niteflirt listings and my website and blog, I’ve been inspired to start blogging again. I love the new look, don’t you?

Even though my blogging ground to a screeching halt, I’ve been busier than ever on Niteflirt, teasing all of my little cuckie boys, homos and stroker boys into a sweet tizzy. Some of my more amusing calls have involved extreme racial humiliation with black, jewish and asian callers who’s begged me for the verbal abuse. I gotta admit it’s fun unleashing all of the politically incorrect racial slurs and names that I’ve learned growing up as a Southern Princess.

I’ve also had fun with my cuckold boys, even allowing one special cuck slave to listen in while I got fucked by a beautiful big black cock for over an hour. I ignored him while he listened in on speaker phone, I was pretty loud and very much into my BBC, but every now and then I’d hear cucky on the line, stroking his little pee pee furiously while he listened to my tight wet pussy being pounded by 10 inches of REAL MAN dick! But just like every little boner boy already knows, only big dicks get to dive into my sweet pink. I get a little less Princess-y and a lot more slutty when I’m getting fucked hard like that, but who cares, it was the best fucking he’s ever heard in his live and he LOOOOOVED it! I plan to do calls like that more often.

Check out my latest video series, Stockings & Sweet Pink Seduction and watch as I shake my ass into the camera, looking back at you while I strip out of everything but my sexy fish net stockings. My long blonde hair swinging, my round bubble butt shaking, my slow seductive strip tease all entrance and hypnotise you into sweet submission. And when I play with my sweet pink, wet pussy, it drives you insane, makes your weak, and your achy cock can’t help but explode as you watch me!

Sweet Stocking Seduction

You can also see the HOT photos of me in the fishnets I’m wearing in the video in one of the Sweet Temptation photos sets I released earlier last year.


Ok guys, give me a call and let me know what you think of my new site and blog look.

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary

Not hot Birthday weekend

Hey guys!  First I want to thank all the good boys who wished me a happy birthday.  I got some very nice gift certificates from five of you and I’m gonna have a sweet time spending them.  LOL

K, so here’s why my birthday and valentines weekend was yucky.  I planned a little weekend at this really quant bed and breakfast in South Carolina my parents used to go to years ago. &nbspMy mom is good friends with the owners so I got a great hook-up on the stay.  I had this trip planned for about 3 months and I told BJ about them about a month ago.  Well what d’ya know, he ended up catching a cold early last week.  We went anyways because by Thursday night he was doing much better.  So I’m thinking everything will work out fine but he ends up getting sicker while we were away.  It was no big deal at first, because we still had sex, we just fucked without kissing, mostly in doggie style.  That’s my fav anyway so it was fun! ๐Ÿ˜†

But by Saturday afternoon he was acting like a spoiled sick little boy.  It’s crazy how sometimes guys turn into whining babies when they get sick.  I remember my dad used to always do it my mom, he still does but he toned it down some.  It was kinda like one of those sitcoms where the guy has the bell that he keeps ringing for the maid or friend character and she’s like ready to kill him.  I was totally turned off by him acting like the world stopped spinning because he didn’t feel good.

I acted like I still had an ok time, but OMG I’m so pissed!  I know it wasn’t his fault that he got a cold but what the fuck, I was stuck with a sick crybaby on my birthday when I should have been having a hot romantic weekend.  But even still, I don’t want to ever be around him when he’s sick again.

When I got back home, I bitched to my friends and they took me out Sunday and Monday night to drink, eat sushi and dance till we couldn’t walk.  I’m done going out to party for the week, so I will be back to taking calls this week.  And just in case you didn’t notice, I’ve added new large photos to alot of my listings, and there are new pics in the scrolling marquee too.  

Ok guys, talk to ya soon.

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary

A Sweet 2008 so far

Hey guys!  Your Sweet Princess is back from a mini-vacation with my boyfriend BJ!  This weekend we went to Gatlinburg to a time share his family owns.  I had a great time because it was just the two of us, but at first I was a little nervous because his folks were going to tag along with us.  I actually spent part of the holidays with his family and I don’t think him mom likes me very much. ๐Ÿ™ It’s like she can see the ‘naughty girl’ in me and she thinks I’m gonna corrupt her precious son.  It’s like whatever lady, I’ve already done that duh! ๐Ÿ˜†

BJ’s step-dad seems nice enough but he’s closer to him mom so I wanted to make a good impression on her.  Anyway, I fucked her wholesome little angel until my pussy was sore and his balls were empty so no matter what she thinks, he’s hooked on Sweet Princess.

I’m busy getting a few new pics sets together for the new year, including a few ‘lovers’ specials.   I have two new mini sets ready, one is a two girl titty tease and one is a celebrity-style bad girl pussy tease in my car.  I’ll send out an email of all my new additions once everything is done.  

In the meantime, you can check out the two new sets below and be sure to look at my listings, I’ve added new pics to the scrolling marquee and new pic sets and videos for sale.

Panty/Pussy Tease Pics

2Girl Titty Tease

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary

Thanks Tee & Mistress V!!

Thanks Vampalicious for the awesome call button script you made available to everyone.  Don’t my new call buttons look good? Tee from DesignHustle.com did them for me.   So shout out to Tee and Mistress V of Mistress-V.com!

I finally pried myself out from underneath BJ so I’m talking calls for a few hours today.  LOL   you know it’s bad when your boyfriend asks you ‘Are you still doing the Niteflirt thing?’.  Not that he has a problem with me doing it, he asked me that because we’ve been up each other’s asses for days now!

Don’t be jealous of my new boyfriend guys, just call me and I’ll tell you all the naughty things we’ve been doing!  And yes, I still have Travis around for my chocolate cravings too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary